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Real Talk Dementia/Alzheimer’s Series: Essentials of Planning- Virtual

Real Talk Dementia/Alzheimer’s Series is designed and presented as an interactive series of shared experiences and expert presentations about the challenges and impact of Dementias/Alzheimer’s that affect so many in the Black/Brown, and other underserved communities, who might not otherwise have access to such educational/informational support.

Essentials of Planning: Planning, scheduling, communicating, coordinating, are some of the practical tasks and expectations of being an effective dementia caregiver. Strategies to take care of yourself while also caring and taking care of others are presented in a way that helps you to walk away with your own plans. Should you have certain documents? What is your essential “to do” list as you go further in your caregiver journey?

Ms.Thompson offers practical tips that help you build your caregiving plans, including what to do in the uncertain world of dementia caregiving when things don’t go according to plan. This session logically follows all the information and stories you have heard about dementia and caring for those living with dementia. The session explores applying much of your learnings to you and how you give care.

Online Via Zoom.

For more information visit: FIBCO: Real Talk – East Hill Media to register today!