Navigator Program

The Family & Community Services (FCS) team provides education and support to those living with memory and thinking conditions. People receiving care at one of our Arizona memory centers may participate in one-to-one, family and group counseling to:

  • Adjust to a new diagnosis
  • Adapt to changes and transitions
  • Cope with new roles and responsibilities
  • Manage stress, depression and grief
  • Find community resources and benefits
  • Plan for legal, financial issues and long-term care needs

Want to meet with an FCS navigator? Call us to schedule an appointment. Are you an existing patient or caregiver? BAI now offers a Support Line for current patients and families to call when looking for information, advice, and support. This designated phone line allows you to speak with a team member ready to answer your questions, provide valuable resources or simply
listen. Give us a call to get connected.

Get your guide

Patients and families at any of the Banner Alzheimer's Institute memory centers receive Navigating through Memory Loss: A guide for patients and families. It’s also available for others to purchase.

The Banner Alzheimer’s team knows that no two individuals or families experience Alzheimer’s disease or a related dementia in the same way. However, there are basic principles of living with Alzheimer’s/dementia that our team has collected into Navigating through Memory Loss: A guide for patients and families. This exceptional resource addresses current and ongoing Alzheimer’s/dementia medical, emotional, social and financial needs, including:

  • Symptoms associated with all types of Alzheimer’s/dementia
  • Strategies for living well
  • Ideas to creatively address behavioral challenges
  • Important resources for all aspects of caregiving
  • Tools for day-to-day and long-term planning