Warning Signs

What to watch out for with Alzheimer's disease

If you or a loved one is experiencing issues with memory loss and are concerned it could be related to Alzheimer's disease, the Alzheimer's Association has 10 Warning Signs that help identify symptoms that may need further evaluation:

Memory loss - Difficulty remembering events or information.

Difficulty performing common tasks - Everyday activities such as taking medications and doing household chores become more difficult.

Problems with language - Forgetting simple words, frequently substituting unusual words.

Disorientation to time and place - Getting lost in normally familiar places, forgetting the day of the week or time.

Poor or decreased judgment - Buying unnecessary items, giving away money or making bad decisions that are inconsistent with past behavior.

Problems with abstract thinking - More difficulty with complex mental tasks such as planning and organizing as well as forgetting how to use familiar items.

Misplacing things - Finding missing items or things in unusual places such as finding car keys in the freezer.

Changes in mood or behavior -
Ranging from a depressed/withdrawn mood to becoming irritable as well as getting angry and upset easily.

Changes in personality - Becoming confused, fearful, suspicious, self-absorbed or dependent.

Loss of initiative - Loss of interest in normal activities; may sleep or watch TV more during the day.

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