Preventing Dementia

Take the challenge: six weeks to creating a brain healthy habit.

It’s the question we’re all asking – is there a way to avoid developing cognitive impairment? We turn to Banner Alzheimer's Institute Director Dr. Pierre N. Tariot for answers, a renowned researcher and clinician. No topic is off-limits as we untangle recent scientific findings on the benefits of diet, exercise, sleep, and other lifestyle actions that can help us get healthy, stay healthy, and possibly avoid diseases of the brain, like dementia.

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Brain Games

Can They Really Keep Your Mind Sharp as You Age?

It’s no secret that as we age, changes occur in all parts of our body, including our brain. To combat memory loss and improve aspects of cognition like memory, attention and focus, many older adults enjoy a good crossword puzzle, phone app game or other activity, but are these brain games really helping your brain—especially against memory loss?

Learn more from Dr. Jessica Langbaum in this Banner Health blog.